Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Block Party 2007

Yet again, we pulled off another Halloween Block Party that rocked!!! The weather was perfect, the costumes were hilarious, and the band was awesome. We kicked it off around 6 pm, and it wasn't until 1:30 or so when I finally called it a night. Good times!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Shut-Out (Gosh, I'm tired)

It's exhausting shutting you guys out in foosball. Not to mention, bad for my health. I don't think I took a breath during the whole second half of the game. Once the score got up to 6-0, Dave and I didn't dare say the words . . but everyone in the room was thinking it.

On the one hand, Fantom was already the not-so-proud owner of the trophy, and while he was invested in the game, he really didn't have much to lose. Curt, on the other hand, really didn't want the broken man again, especially under these circumstances. 'Cause let me think, wasn't it I who helped shut him out the first time?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Murder Mystery 2007

Once again, my family joined together with our friends and their families for our annual game of Murder Mystery Theater. We all took a Friday off from work and school and road tripped up to Elijay, where we enjoyed some much needed down-time in an awesome cabin in the Georgia mountains. We spent Friday hanging around doing a lot of nothing and Saturday morning, we went to the local Apple Festival. As always, we had good food, great drinks and lots of laughs. Good times!

Staying Alive
This mystery occurs in 1979 at the trendy Studio Manhattan, a chic and glamorous New York discotheque frequented by the rich and famous. Tonight’s exclusive crowd of celebrities is feverishly dancing the Hustle to the throbbing rhythmic beat of disco. The music stops abruptly when the club’s owner, Jackie Fever, is found murdered in the backstage office. The flamboyant Ms. Fever was fatally stabbed – obviously by someone she knew. And everyone is a suspect!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Enter If you Dare

It's fall again, and in traditional VistaScape fashion, we've concocted another excuse to compete against each other. . . as if daily foosing wasn't enough. Last year we had a Christmas decorating contest, and this year we decided to include Halloween in the mix. I don't really care about winning so much . . . I just like having an excuse to decorate. It's still 80 degrees outside, but as far as I'm concerned, it's the holiday season now! I may even bake something next week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

And Then We Were Siemens

Before we become too Siemenized, we wanted to get together for one last nostalgic moment in front our beloved VistaScape sign. Now that we've been fully acquired, we're all pretty sure that sign is coming down soon. Unfortunately, all of us were not able to be in this picture (we've got at least 10 folks missing), but they were with us in spirit. In the next few days or so, I'll get this picture signed and distributed to all.

I realize this acquisition was needed, and in the end, I'm sure it will be a good thing. And even though they may take down our sign, eliminate our logo and company name, and make us all have clean desks, I'm still grateful that we've been able to maintain the camaraderie, mutual respect and dedicated efforts that make working here so darn rewarding.