Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Shut-Out (Gosh, I'm tired)

It's exhausting shutting you guys out in foosball. Not to mention, bad for my health. I don't think I took a breath during the whole second half of the game. Once the score got up to 6-0, Dave and I didn't dare say the words . . but everyone in the room was thinking it.

On the one hand, Fantom was already the not-so-proud owner of the trophy, and while he was invested in the game, he really didn't have much to lose. Curt, on the other hand, really didn't want the broken man again, especially under these circumstances. 'Cause let me think, wasn't it I who helped shut him out the first time?


Curtis Forrester said...

Lemme see...yup, it's a wound. Here, let's just rub a bit of salt into it. :-0

SqueakyClef said...

That's awesome! You go Scrap & Bear!