Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Spookiest of Them All!

It's official -- Sonia is the much deserved winner of the Halloween cube decorating contest this year. Sadly, only three of us at VistaScape participated. I made a valiant effort using hand-cut silhouettes and orange lights, and Leah's was super creative and proved that she really knows how to make something amazing out of recycled products.

But Sonia went ALL OUT . . smoke machine, spooky music, rats, crows, dripping blood, scythes, eerie lights -- and best of all, a wonderfully creative idea memorializing the "death" of VistaScape. Even though I'd entered the contest, if I'd been able to vote, I would have chosen her cube as well!

Great job, Sonia! Who knew you were so darn creative? :)


Sonia said...

The competition was tough! Everyone did such a great job. Kudos to all the contestants!!!

SqueakyClef said...

Recycled is the way to go! Yay Recycle!

Bear said...

What??? No mention of the pumpkin carving contest?? "Sadly, only two of us at VistaScape participated."