Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dedicated to Maxwell

One of my blogging buddies, Agent317x, has been having a little trouble with his beloved Mini Cooper, Maxwell. He's blaming it on the one time he took Maxwell through an automatic car wash, although deep down he realizes that's just plain silly. (BTW - gotta give two thumbs up to the Goo Goo cash wash near my house . . . the best 3-minute, $9 car wash ever!)

Anywho, Maxwell's windows have been causing Agent317x a little trouble. I found some nifty advice that might help him out in a pinch.

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grantbob said...

I remember that one. I love Red Green. Channel 8 used to show them here sometimes. I had a coworker from the Hayes office in Canada send me a VHS tape chock full of Red. I think I even have one of his books around here somewhere... :)