Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seafood Fest

Last weekend, our neighborhood had an awesome Seafood Fest in the cul-de-sac. Each family chipped in, and we made steamed lobsters and grilled shrimp for the adults and burgers and dogs for the kids. The weather was perfect (no humidity, sunny and mid-70s) and the drinks were yummy!!

The only damper in the day was the moment that Maya announced that my camera had "stopped working." I'd let her use it to take pictures of the event, and after a bit of prodding, I managed to get her to admit that she'd accidentally dropped it a few times. At least I managed to retrieve her pictures before declaring it a total loss. All-in-all, she did a pretty decent job playing photographer, and now I have an excuse to get the digital SLR camera I really wanted. Nice.

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Karen said...

Do you remember Lynne from CCC? She provided me with the excuse to get an SLR- her husband bought a new one and I bought his old one :P
A good deal was just the excuse I needed :)

Glad you get to get one now - but that the pics were saved.