Sunday, June 15, 2008

Class of 1988 - Reunited

Well, it's been 20 years since I graduated from Auburn High School. Hard to believe. But reuniting with old classmates and picking up with my BFFs was way more fun than I anticipated. I found out that quite a few of us actually live near each other and have been barely crossing paths for the last eight years.

We started the weekend off at Auburn Sky Bar, a ceiling-less beer joint and one of the most popular hangouts for Auburn's sorority and fraternity kids. (Yeah, I said it . . . kids.) One of our classmate's daughter actually showed up with her friends, reminding us all just how old we really were. It was cute, though . . they actually look more like sisters than mother and daughter. We all got there considerably early for a Friday night (7:00 pm), so we pretty much had the place to ourselves until about 11:00 pm. (Another indication that we're getting old.)

On Saturday, after a tour of our old highschool (which I incidentally slept through), we joined up again at a semi-private pool and spent the afternoon with our kids. Good times! And that night, we got all dollled up for the dinner/dance event at the Auburn Hotel and Conference Center. Tony was a trooper and tolerated my giggling and reminiscing with a ton of people he didn't know. So after about five hours of that, I just didn't have the heart to drag him to the after party. I'm sure it rocked.

Here are a few of the pictures I took at the main event. Enjoy!
Now that we're all back in touch, and most of us still have family in Auburn, visiting my parents will take on a whole new flavor.

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