Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Love Working Here!

My colleagues are AWESOME! Except for Hans, who's already called me Grannie (with love of course) . . . I get to work and find that they've totally decorated my "office." And I got bling!!! A cool necklace, earring and braclet set that flashes with sparkly lights.

We're all going to the Ale House for lunch . . . SWEET!! I may have to go for it and get the Big Red. Deep fried chicken goodness smothered in hot sauce on a fat hoagie. I know Rich will. :D

Thanks, guys!!

And surprise, surpise . . . after lunch, guess what was in the kitchen! :)


grantbob said...

Yay Kim!
Happy Birthday!
Yay Alehouse!

Hans said...

Did she just call Rich a fat hoagie? That's cruel. Old people are mean.

Kim said...

Yeah, the Big Red was tasty! Wasn't it, Hans? Or do you not remember? I know you're up there in age, too.