Thursday, December 6, 2007

Walking In a Winter Wonderland

Contest time again! After knocking out our Halloween cube decorating contest, we're competing once again (this time in groups) to decorate designated areas in our office. So far, three teams have accepted the challenge and have put their creative minds together to create:
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas (Mary's team, kitchen)
  • Winter Wonderland (my team, front entrance)
  • The Sweetest Time of the Year (I've heard Brad's team is going to use consumables and edible items to decorate the conference room. Hopefully, we'll remain bug free after the holidays.)

Hans likes to think he knows who's gonna win this contest, and to that, I say "Whateva." Technically, it doesn't matter who wins what. We have three categories of prizes and only three teams. I can't deny that I'm a tad competitive and have my own opinions about which creation is the best (of course, I'm biased). But in all honesty, what I mostly enjoy is how our office always embraces the spirit of the holidays and transforms our otherwise drab accommodations into something creatively enchanting and beautiful.

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