Monday, January 7, 2008

Who Wants Pie?

It's always been my favorite dessert. All kinds . . . chocolate cream, cherry, coconut. I LOVE pie! But last Friday, I was served a new flavor. And I can honestly say, Humble Pie is not my favorite. It's ironic that I got it from the person I did, since I'm used to being the one to help serve it up. But oh well. . . I'll give Broken (wo)man a home for a while. Although if she's forced to grace my cube, I need her to be properly accessorized.


Bear said...

That's what you get for not playing with me as a partner!! :)

SqueakyClef said...

You Bling it up Hunnie! That's Hot!

Kim said...

Yeah, Bear . . . I feel you. But SOMEBODY decided to take half a day to go play some golf. :) So what's a girl to do?