Monday, June 9, 2008

Maya's Rock Band Birthday Party

Maya turned eight last week and has been begging to have a Rock Band sleepover. All I could think of was having a household of shrieking, giggling eight year olds, and I wasn't sure that's how I really wanted to spend my Friday night. But I thought about it, and realized that I, in fact, would love to have a Rock Band birthday party, too. (My birthday is in August, so I may have to just throw a party for myelf.) So her request really wasn't unreasonable, and I sucked it up and threw myself into the preparations. I made her some invitations and bought accessories for each of the girls.

They each got to adorn themselves with hairpieces, glitter hairspray, glitter wrist bands, and shimmery kid makeup. It was actually pretty fun. Especially when I got to play paparazzi during their photo shoot.

They spent the night jamming (loud as they could), eating pizza, cake and candy, watching movies and having girl talk. They actually camped out in the theater, so in all honesty, we barely heard them at all. They had a ball! In the morning, I made pancakes, bacon and smoothies, and Nadia was thrilled to join them and eat with the big girls. It was like she suddenly had 6 older sisters.
Happy Birthday, Maya!!

Update: Click here to see the pictures. And here's the final scrapbook page.

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Karen said...

looks like a fabulous time :)