Friday, August 24, 2007

The Biggest Loser

I don't know why we fall for this every time. . . signing up for this little contest, vainly hoping to overtake Hans, who continues to win time and time again. But we did -- nine of us from work, and for 11 weeks, we watched our weight fluctuate up and down as we participated in weekly weigh-ins. All in all, we did quite well, a few of us coming quite close to giving him some real competition. But in the end (which we decided to call a week early) -- we are all way over it -- Hans reined supreme, losing 19.5 pounds and over 7% in body weight.

However, he was generous enough to treat us all to lunch at The Derby, where NO ONE ordered anything remotely healthy. Onion rings, burger melts, fish and chips and pitchers and pitchers of Bass. Mmmmm . . Thanks, Hans -- and congratulations! You are the Biggest Loser.

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