Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Not Too Girlie, Mom!!

I'm slowing accepting the fact that my oldest daughter, Maya, is not going to be a Girlie Girl. (Nadia totally is. . . so hopefully I still have dresses and cute barrettes in my future), but Maya wants nothing to do with anything pink, Barbie, or even princess-oriented. Sniff... it wasn't too long ago that my baby was Jasmine. Oh well. . .
For Halloween this year, she wants to be a ninja. I'd found an adorable costume on Lillian Vernon, but it was too pink . . so after consulting with my dear friend, Google, I found the same costume in red -- and cheaper, too!! And don't tell her, but it's still kind of girlie . .. not as bad as it could have been.

In October, I'm sure we'll have another neighborhood Halloween Block party (which contrary to what everyone in my office thinks, is actually open to those outside the neighborhood) -- so be forewarned. An Evite may be forthcoming soon.

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SqueakyClef said...

She will love the costume. That will be perfect for her!